Wild Elephant’s Bold Encounter with Tourist Bus Goes Viral

A captivating video featuring a massive wild elephant boldly charging toward a tourist bus has gained immense popularity on social media. The clip, shared by Umashankar Singh on Twitter, has garnered over 127,000 views and 3,400 likes.

The video begins with a majestic elephant approaching a moving bus on a highway. The tusker attempts to interact with the vehicle using its trunk as if trying to board it.

The bus, moving slowly, comes to a complete halt as the elephant approaches its gate. Thankfully, the wild elephant eventually retreats without causing any harm to anyone.


The video’s caption humorously mentions, “Tata ki bus ke darwaze itne chotte hai ki ‘badi sawari’ chad he nahi payi,” highlighting the fact that the doors of the Tata bus were too small for the “Big Ride” elephant to climb.

The location of this remarkable encounter is yet to be determined. Initially shared by Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Dipanshu Kabra, the video has also received significant attention, accumulating more than 128,000 views and thousands of likes.

In the comment section, one internet user playfully suggested, “It seems the elephant is eagerly joining the ride into the bus,” while another simply found the video “really very cute.”


This heartwarming encounter between the wild elephant and the tourist bus serves as a reminder of the beauty and unpredictability of nature, offering a glimpse into the incredible moments that can unfold when humans and wildlife cross paths.

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