Wildlife Photographer’s Adorable Lion Cub Photo Assistant Wins Hearts Online

In a heartwarming tale from Africa, a wildlife photographer has captured the attention of netizens by featuring an adorable photo assistant during a recent outdoor expedition.

Djamel Hadj Aissa, an independent photojournalist and wildlife enthusiast based in GhardaΓ―a, Algeria, has garnered a significant following on Instagram by sharing stunning shots of wild animals, ranging from snakes and birds to primates.

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However, it was a unique post in February that indeed went viral. Instead of a wild animal, Djamel introduced his unusual companion for the shootβ€”a lion cub. The endearing image showed Djamel and the lion cub side by side, capturing viewers’ hearts across the internet.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Djamel hails from a prominent family in Algeria known for founding the country’s first private zoo, with six zoos spread across different cities. The lion cub accompanying him on the expedition was born and raised in his backyard.

Describing the experience, Djamel shared that it was the cub’s first time on a photo shoot. Amusingly, the curious cub sat on his chair, attentively observing his every move.

Djamel’s nephew, FayΓ§al, seized the moment and captured photos and videos of the heartwarming interaction, which resonated deeply with the public.

The heartening moment, however, faced skepticism from some social media users who accused Djamel of manipulating the image. In response, the photographer posted a video showcasing himself alongside the furry assistant, affirming the authenticity of the encounter.

Djamel’s passion for photography dates back to his teenage years when he received a camera as a gift from his father’s professional photographer friend. He spent years as a press photographer before turning his lens toward wildlife in the mid-2010s.

Now, focusing on growing his photography career, Djamel aims to become a foreign correspondent for an international agency or media outlet.

This, he hopes, will provide the means to sustain his unwavering love for wildlife photography. To explore more of Djamel’s incredible work, you can find him on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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