A lion, a tiger and a bear are best friends, going strong for 15 years

Here’s a trio of super best friends like you’ve never seen before! A bear, a tiger and a lion were rescued as cubs. Together they have endured many problems in the past. Their friendship goes back more than 15 years. This is truly amazing! Even human relationships don’t last that long!

More precisely, a Bengal tiger, an African Lion and a black bear make up the trio of best friends. Moreover, Leo is the name of the African Lion. Shere Khan is the Bengal Tiger’s name. Finally, Baloo is the bear’s name.

All three animals were rescued from a basement. This is in Atlanta, Georgia. This happened in 2001. Moreover, these precious animals are under the cruelty of drug traffickers. So their treatment is inhumanely bad. These poor animals are in dire need of help. Dog Dispatch confirms these facts.

Without a doubt, these events are truly heartbreaking. Fortunately, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary rescued the animals from the clutches of the drug dealer. Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a charity that helps ab.us.ed animals. So they give all the love and support in the world to these precious animals.

Sanctuary covers the 250-acre land. Currently, they have more than 1,500 animal species spanning over 100 different species. US$33,000 is all it takes to feed them for a whole month! There is no such thing as too high a price to rescue animals.

The trio came to the sanctuary as cubs. Obviously, they had to go through a lot by the time they arrived. Therefore, they will never be returned to the wild. Likewise, the tiger cubs received appropriate medical care. They are also well-fed at the zoo. The staff gave them a lot of care to restore their health.

Together, the trio shared all sorts of wonderful experiences. They played together while settling inside their new home. Unfortunately, Leo passed away in 2016. Shere Khan followed Leo in 2018. This left poor Baloo alone.

Baloo received special attention from the staff. This is very important so that he doesn’t feel lonely. This will help him recover from the loss of his two best companions. This is definitely a touching story about animal friendship. Our thoughts and prayers are with beloved Baloo during these difficult times.

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