Baby monkey caring for the ducklings like they were his family

Lucky for us, a baby monkey was spotted tending to a flock of ducklings.

This video takes “cute” to a whole new level.
There are few things cuter than baby monkey and ducklings, so when the two come together, it’s really overwhelming in terms of cuteness.


Set against soothing music, we get over eight minutes of pure loveliness that is sure to soften even the harshest personalities. It’s too hard to hold back anger when you’re witnessing the baby animals in action.

The video begins with the little monkey lovingly staring at the ducklings.
The ducklings are helping to groom the baby monkey’s fur while the baby monkey continues to stroke and pet the little ducks affectionately. This group looks contented when surrounded by each other’s company.

We see the monkey give one duckling a big hug while the rest huddle together.
Okay, at this point, my heart has completely melted into a big puddle. This is the cutest moment ever. Hugs are truly a lifesaver for any bad day, but baby animal hugs take it to the next level.

The baby monkey searches for a delicious snack, but the parents don’t let it go too far.
The ducklings seem to think the monkey is their new mother. Wherever the monkey goes, the group follows closely behind.

This is one of those lovely families. They can’t have enough about each other.

It’s official snack time.
The ducklings are eating some delicious rice while the baby monkey is having some daily nutrients from a prepared bottle.

Although the animals have varied diets, they still want to enjoy their meals together. This group is chowing down. They created an appetite after an exciting day of playing.

The monkey climbs up the tree to practice swinging, but where are the ducks?
We know ducks can’t climb trees, but we hope they’re not too far from primates.

The monkey climbs back into the tree to realize that his fuzzy friends are below waiting for him.

The group continues to explore their forest house a little bit more.
They are still getting used to a variety of plants, bugs, and dirt. At least, they have their best friends by their side as they continue to run through their baby lives.

It was a hungry monkey. He couldn’t help but brood over all the plants and flowers.

Some ducklings seem to doze off, but their primate companions are still there to make sure they don’t get hurt during their snooze.

Those ducks are having a five-star slumber.
They don’t have to worry about predators as long as their monkey mama is there to save the day.

Watch this heart-melting group having a heyday in the video below!
It will definitely be the warmest few minutes of your day!

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