Cute little bird uses flower petals as her bathtub

One lucky wildlife photographer was in the right place at the right time to capture a one-of-a-kind photo!

Rahul Singh from Jalpaiguri, India, has been fond of wildlife ever since he remembered and for several years; he has also developed a great passion for photography.

Since his home is surrounded by deep forests and a big variety of animals, it was pretty easy to practice his skills.

From rhinos to elephants, deers to monkeys, and even jackals, Singh managed to capture some fantastic moments of all.


However, he enjoys hunting with his camera the colorful birds that often nest in the woods near his home.

He recently surprised a sunbird in an epic frame!

Singh said: “I visited a forest where there are banana bushes to take pictures of the birds sucking nectar from it.”
“Everything was going as usual, when suddenly, I was surprised to see the sunbird starting to bathe in the water contained in the banana flower petals.”


The banana flower has several large red petals, and in the early morning, its petals are filled with the water it collects at night. So the 4-inch-long crimson sunbird thought it would be the perfect place for it to bathe. The little creature used one of the petals as his favorite bathtub.


The bird’s unusual behavior confused Singh. “I was really stunned,” he said. “I still press the shutter button on the camera when the bird bathed.”


Then the lucky photographer shared the adorable photos on Instagram. “This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s amazing how nature can surprise us,” he described the moment.


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