“Draco” also known as flying dragons exist and they are a true wonder of nature

For millions of years, dragons have fascinated humans. These mythical creatures have become the focus of attention of many poets and novelists. Unfortunately, dragons don’t exist yet. We found a very dragon-like creature, and this animal is sure to amaze you.

Flying dragons belong to the lizard Agamidae family, and they live in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. And here are some great photos of them.

8 to 10 inches long, these animals have membranes on the sides of their bodies. They allow them to glide from tree to tree with ease, and they reach distances of up to 60 meters while losing only 10 meters in altitude.

Their diet includes mainly insects like tree ants.

They usually don’t get out of the trees unless it’s breeding season. Males use membranes to attract females and thus initiate the mating process.

After copulation, the female lays eggs. It makes a small hole in the ground and lays about 4-5 eggs, covering it with soil and leaves. Females stay with eggs only for 24 hours. Then they abandoned the eggs and climbed back into the tree.

The colors and characteristics of each flying dragon vary depending on the species; However, they all have one thing in common.

Their beauty seems to be something out of this world.

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