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An elephant never forgets playtime! Amazing pictures show infants wrestling with each other under the watchful eyes of their mother at African wildlife reserve

Keeping control of bustling toddlers when they fight in public is a problem for many mothers.

So give this one thought to this struggling female elephant to keep her calves in the wilderness of Kenya.

The animals were seen jumping over each other and raising their legs before they wandered past Entim Camp in Maasai Mara as their mother watched.

In the end, they were pulled away by the stronger pull of their parent’s trunk.

Wildlife photographer Margot Raggett captured their joy from a nearby safari truck, creating a string of stunning images to be used as part of an anti-poaching campaign.

“They run around like toddlers, lose control and have a great time.” Mrs. Raggett said.

‘While they were chasing and jumping on top of each other, the old elephants seemed to be trying in vain to control them. It is so funny.

‘In the end, an elephant decided to come and check out our car and even taunted us at one point, trying to make it look bigger than it was!

‘The innocence and playfulness of baby elephants can provide hours of entertainment and joy.’

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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