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Energetic baby elephant won’t stop hugging tourist – and it’s so adorable

One American tourist couldn’t stop her case of giggles while an adorable elephant showed her love.

The video shows the moment a baby elephant named Suki cuddles and rolls around with a female tourist in Thailand.

Suki is the newest calf to be born at Chia Lai Orchid, a sanctuary that rescues elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

An American tourist was taped playing with Suki and couldn’t stop laughing
Suki pushes her trunk on the woman and rolls her around to give a big hug

Suki has bundles of energy as she tirelessly played with the unidentified visitor.The video shows the calf pushing its trunk toward the human, trying to grab hold of her.

When that doesn’t work, Suki lifts one leg forcing the woman to roll over, and then falls on top of her.

The woman appears to be getting a kick out of her unique interaction and is giggling so hard she can barely speak words.

Suki is the newest elephant to be born at Chai Lai Orchid in Thailand
The sanctuary based in Chiang Mai rescues elephants

The two new friends then move near Suki’s mother, who eats grass, unbothered by her calf’s shenanigans.

A friend of the tourist joins the pair, and the three-stroke and feed the adorable Suki.


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