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The elephant’s behavior and hind leg jumping happens when food is scarce

These incredible images show a majestic elephant standing up for a bite to eat.

Taken by photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, 36, the images show an African bull elephant stretching out his trunk as he grips on to some leaves to eat.

The stunning photos were taken in Mana Pools national park in Zimbabwe earlier in September.

Photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, 36, captured the moment the majestic African elephant kicked back on its hind legs to reach the juiciest leaves on the trees
This behavior by the elephant is usually a sign of a scarcity of food in the area. They have to reach the tops of the trees due to a lack of vegetation at their regular height. Here the creature can be seen trampling its front legs in the air to swing the momentum into the long drive upward
The photographer said that she felt the snaps were some of the greatest she had taken during her career. She said that it was a wonderful show of strength, balance, and agility

Bobby-Jo said the images were among the most spectacular she has taken in her career as a photographer.

She said: ‘It was a fantastic demonstration of pure strength, balance, and agility.

This allowed him to pull down the best branches with ease.

Here is the moment the elephant swings its trunk to meet its mouth after claiming its prize of the best branches
The feeding technique is one that is unique to the African Bull Elephant. Mana Pools is one of the few places this technique can be seen. The photographer believes it’s a learned behavior between the Bulls

This feeding behavior is unique to African bull Elephants. Mana Pools is one of few places where people can observe this.

Many years ago, I saw some images from Mana Pools of bulls standing up on their hind legs to browse the trees. These bulls were given nicknames such as Fred Astaire and Boswell.

It was so amazing to see a younger, less known guy practicing this behavior. I am sure it is a learned behavior by watching other bulls. The behavior happens when food is scarce. Food is limited in dry areas such as Mana Pools at this time of year, so elephants have to get inventive when trying to find food.

The Bull can be seen kicking up dust as he prepares to drive upwards to the treetops in Zimbabwe. Bobby-Jo said that her family and friends have been so impressed with the elephant’s balance and the afternoon lighting

My friends, family, and followers have loved the images. They are so impressed with this elephant’s balancing act. People have noticed the gorgeous afternoon light also.

‘Many of my friends and family know how passionate I am about elephants and were very happy for me to observe this with my guests.’

The majestic creatures used to be at severe risk of extinction, and ten percent of African elephants were ki.lled illegally in 2011.

African elephants face severe risks from poachers but, by 2017, there had been a significant drop in the number of de.ad elephants, largely thought due to the lack of demand for Ivory from China
Between 10,000 and 15,000 elephants are slain every year it is believed, rapidly diminishing the estimated population of just 350,000 elephants

By 2017, this figure had dropped to just four percent, which is thought to be due to China’s declining demand for ivory.

One of Africa’s largest wildlife preserves marked a year without a single elephant found ki.lled by poachers in an area which poachers frequently targeted.

Conservationists say this is good news for elephants but warn the animals still face significant threats.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 elephants are sla.in every year, it is believed, rapidly diminishing the estimated population of just 350,000 elephants.

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