Friendly seals winked at a lucky photographer

These friendly seals certainly aren’t shy in front of the camera as they pose and even winked at one lucky photographer.

Dylan DeHaas, 29, of Perth, Western Australia, captured the seal posing in the water.

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS
@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS

He shared adorable pictures of the seals smiling, winking and even kissing a snorkeler.

Dylan said: ‘I’ve been swimming with seals for five years.

“They recognized me when I entered the water on the north coast of Perth.

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS
@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS

“They are inquisitive animals by nature but can also be territorial, so I would not recommend swimming with them unless you are experienced.

@dylan.dehaas / CATERS NEWS

“They are super naughty and look like puppies but also have 18 times the bite force of an adult rottweiler, so they need to be treated with respect.

“The secret to great photos is to stay calm and never chase them.”

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