Funny moment Baby hippo decides he doesn’t like his new feather friends

This is the hilarious moment a baby hippo yelled for help after a flock of birds tried to ride on its back.
The hippo tried to run and twist its body to get the unwanted passengers off but to no avail.

Typically, hippos and oxpecker birds have a mutually beneficial relationship in which the bird will feed on any ticks and other parasites that hippo may encounter.

But in this case, it seems that the oxpeckers were not welcome by this young hippo.

It even tried to fake running into the water to scare them away, but this didn’t work. Luckily for the hippo, the birds soon gave up trying to feed and flew away.

The images were taken in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia by Marc Mol of Switzerland; talking about the encounter, he said:

“I was busy focusing on a herd of hippos when suddenly I saw the baby running towards me with his pursuers.”

“I was surprised at first as to what was going on when I saw this baby hippo running towards me and the safety of the water, and then realized that it was a small pack of Ox-peckers that was the culprit. It was exciting to see.”

“The baby hippo is clearly not used to the Red & Yellow oxpeckers on his back. He managed to remove them from his back by twisting and shaking as he tried to get back to the safety of his mom and the water. ”

“One will always see oxpeckers on adult hippos, as they share a symbiotic relationship, but the first time for me was with such a small one and the humorous antics associated funny antics.”

“I had a real laugh when I realized I had captured something a little different but exciting.”

“I love the expression on this little guy’s face as he frantically tries to fight off what he sees as nasty pests.”

I guess this little guy just needs a little more time before his relationship with the oxpeckers can be assessed.

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