Giant bears spotted enjoying the sunrise on a luxury hotel porch in New Hampshire

A photo showing a giant black bear enjoying the view from the porch of a luxury New Hampshire hotel went viral recently.

The incredible photo was taken by Sam Gessaman, an employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in NH. Sam said: “While following it to the nearest exit, the bear decided to hop onto the tracks and enjoy the sunrise as I had intended to do.

While spotting bears all over the body is fairly common in New Hampshire, this is the first time a black bear has been spotted while watching a sunrise. Needless to say, it was the first bear to use the veranda of a luxury hotel to enjoy the view.

On the other hand, since 2014, the number of bears visiting human habitats has increased significantly, according to authorities. The bears are constantly foraging for food, and therefore large animals are finding their way into campsites, homes, or even hotels.

Despite their gentle appearance and friendly behavior, authorities recommend staying away from bears and not approaching wild animals, no matter what.

Unfortunately, the number of black bears is decreasing as this human-bear conflict increases from year to year. Sadly, the only ones who are about to suffer those interactions are only wild animals.

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