Incredible moment A Stag sneaks behind a clueless wildlife photographer

Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience to get the perfect shot.
This was when a breathtaking image was captured of a stag in the wild amidst a thick carpet of ferns.

Unfortunately, not all photographers that day were so lucky, as this one particular person missed out on the perfect photo opportunity with a stag standing directly behind him.

He had his camera lens facing the wrong side! He seemed completely oblivious to the stag standing right behind him in Busy Park, west London.

The photographer was undoubtedly kicking himself for missing the ‘money shot’ after getting too absorbed in something else in the distance.

The photos in this article were taken by Roger Clark, a keen wildlife photographer who was looking for red deer to photograph.
“We didn’t mention red deer breeding season this year, and with subsidence continuing, we thought we’d try our luck,” Roger said.

He continued: “We spotted a man with a tripod-mounted camera intently focusing on some deer activity among the ferns in front of him without noticing the big animal behind him.”

“Based on the angle of the shot, I managed to locate it. It looked like the stag was squirming around to get a bag from his jeans, so I took a picture because it looked funny.”

“But it’s strange that a wild animal is so close and being unnoticed.”

“Several seconds later, the deer stepped back and with those big beautiful glittering eyes seemed to look at the photographer and say, ‘your model is right behind you! Am I not good enough for you? ”

“The photographer never realized the opportunity he missed, and the red deer gave up and wandered in different directions.”

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