Macaque caught trying to mask up in Singapore’s Nature Park

A macaque was caught masking up. This happened in Bukit Batok Nature Park. Singapore is where the park is located. The macaque found a discarded mask in the park. Out of curiosity, it tried to wear. Perhaps the animal was able to imitate humans by observing them.

Sadly, masks are here to stay because of the ongoing pandemic. Many places are reimposing mask guidelines. This is due to the delta variation. The delta variant is a new strain of coronavirus. Furthermore, many places have been locked down as cases have worsened.

The macaque was found fidgeting with the mask. Many people have seen the animal. Some were even cheeky enough to tell the animal to put on a mask. It’s almost masked, isn’t it? Almost. It did this by letting the mask hang over one of its ears. The macaque was very possessive of the mask. It won’t let its mates near it.

The animal might look cute, but it could be in danger. A discarded mask could have easily harmed the macaque. Not to mention, it is possible to infect it with the virus! Furthermore, the animals could be suffocated by the masks. Therefore, poor animals should not suffer from one’s lack of concern for the environment. Mothership also raised this concern.

Another major concern is pollution. Pollution has always been a prominent problem worldwide. However, many people are throwing away their used masks. Therefore, the mask that the long-tailed macaque wears is most likely a waste. Brill reports that the removal of COVID protective gear is on the rise. Therefore, it states that a “new wave of littering” is growing at an alarming rate. Such ignorance puts our precious environment at great risk.

We should act more responsibly as the fourth wave looms like a dagger above our heads. In this case, an important step would be to manage our waste more responsibly. Gloves, masks, tissues, … are in the trash. They never belong out in the open. Therefore, we must always respect our environment.

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