Man builds a raft to save swan’s eggs

A kind man decided to intervene in Nature to help a poor swan become a mother. For over a decade, this guy watched swans’ nests destroyed by floods or by predators, so he decided to stand up and give her some help.

The “unlucky” swan repeatedly laid eggs at Jones Boatyard in St Ives, England, for ten years in a row, but they only saw them disappear each time. But her luck changed during the year, and she eventually became a mother, thanks to the efforts of a good Samaritan.

Rob Adamson, who lives in a narrowboat, has noticed the fate of this swan over the years, so he decided enough it’s enough. Adamson, who is very fond of swans – he even once saved and raised a cygnet – initially build a fence to keep out predators – mostly foxes. But then he noticed that the water level was continuing to rise, so the swan’s nest was in danger again. But the determined man also saved the day!

“She is the unluckiest swan; I need to make sure they survive,” the man said. “You shouldn’t interfere, but it’s gotten to the point where they’re all going to die. So I couldn’t go to sleep knowing that. I knew l would regret it if I didn’t do anything to save them. ”

Said and done as Adamson built a raft so the swan family can safely lay their nest. In this way, both predators and natural phenomena have been kept away. In the end, the man’s efforts paid off. A few weeks after all the swan’s eggs have hatched, eight perfect cygnets have seen the daylight. Seeing such a scene, both their parents, but our hero couldn’t have been any prouder.

“I’ve been pacing around the marina like an expectant for the past week,” Adamson said. “When I saw them start to hatch, I was so happy. It’s like winning the lottery.”

You can find out more about this adorable story in the video below!

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