Rare black flamingo caught on camera in Cyprus

An extremely rare and unusual bird that has puzzled wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. While flamingos are extremely famous for nothing but their ruddy plumage, a black flamingo has been captured on camera in Cyprus and its beauty is nothing short of spectacular.

While it may be the only black flamingo in the world, there is indeed an explanation for its unusual feathers. Its dark plumage is apparently the result of a very rare genetic condition known as melanoma. Not likely to have albinism, melanoma appears as an over-pigmentation of the feathers.

Although very common among wild animals when comes to birds melanism has been observed a few times in ducks and even hawks, but not in other birds. . However, a few years ago, an amateur photographer captured a black flamingo in Israel. But according to wildlife experts, it’s the very same bird.

Because flamingos travel so far, it’s likely the bird discovered in Cyprus is similar to the bird seen from Israel, Felicity, said Felicity Arengo, a conservationist at the American Museum of Natural History. Arengo, a conservationist at the American Museum of Natural History.

Unlikely other melanistic animals, the black flamingo spotted at the Akrotiri Environmental Center, Cyprus, probably uses its dark feathers as a good defence against predators. But since everything comes at a cost, due to excessive pigmentation, its feathers are much frailer and they can break easily.

Let’s watch the rare flamingo crowing:

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