Super relaxed chameleon posing like enjoy a sunbath in Indonesia

A grotesque photogenic chameleon was recently caught on camera relaxing in its owner’s backyard, and the resulting photos are nothing short of heartwarming. Watching the cold-blooded reptile as it enjoys the sun-shines will be sure to make you jealous, especially if you’re working while admiring it!

Although it seems to be enjoying the happiest life now, it hasn’t always been the case for this Forest Chameleon. This reptile was rescued a few years ago by its owner Yan Hidayat – a 43-year-old Indonesian photographer. The man spotted the tiny creature struggling to find its way through a forest not far from his home in Padang, West Sumatra.

Now, the lucky chameleon lives in a house with the owner’s care. However, he spends at least a few hours a day enjoying the heat of the sun in his back garden. “I saw him struggling in the woods near my house,” Hidayat explained. “He usually lives inside, but I take him outside to enjoy the sunshine. Today he spent a few hours relaxing in the sun.”

Always aiming his camera in that direction, Hidayat has recently spotted his particular companion posing in ecstasy. Like a human, the chameleon is resting its head on its arm as it reclined.

“I was amazed that he captured this pose, and I was able to capture it, which I found very cute and interesting,” the owner explained. “Now he’s healthy again. He’s never run away and looks for me when he’s hungry and in need of food.”

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