Team Members Welcome rare species to Niabi Zoo

Niabi Zoo has a few new additions to their family. Recently, they have added beautiful rare species such as female Amur leopard, African Cresent porcupine, colobus monkey, and southern rhinoceros. Now they are one big happy family.

Female Amur leopards were brought to the zoo for the purpose of mating with male Amur leopards already present at the zoo.

Lona is from Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park in the UK. Mr. Jilin, the male Niabi, is set up to breed with Lona and has lovely cubs. Then Lona recently joined Jilin after 14 days of quarantine.

Niabi Zoo is proud to be a part of such a moment as there are only 80 cats available in their native forest. This zoo is among the 50 zoos of North America that are working to preserve these special cats. Although not part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, they’re still doing their best.

Currently, Lona is backstage bonding with Jilin. This is because even animals need to get used to their surroundings for them to get comfortable.

Moreover, this is the first time in the zoo’s history that a 2-year-old southern white rhinoceros named Kito came to the zoo on May 22. Happiness keeps on coming in. The rhinoceros from the Fresno Zoo in California. Furthermore, the plan to bring back a female rhino is also the same.

The zoo also welcomed the African Crescent Moon porcupine from the San Diego Zoo. Besides, this Columbus monkey also arrived at the same time from Santana Zoo in California. So the number is increasing a lot. These rare species are a wonder to see.

In fact, they now need a larger, more qualified, and trained staff. In order to properly care for animals, their enclosures must be inspected and, most importantly, provided with the right nutrients to keep the animals healthy.

Niabi Zoo has some great new additions to its reputation!

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