Watch the incredible moment a mother giraffe gives birth in the wild

Witnessing the birth of life in the wild is always such a blessed and unique experience. Having the chance to watch the planet’s tallest land mammal give birth in the wild, right before our very eyes, is a truly life-changing experience.

It was on a recent safari in Kruger National Park that we came across a small herd of giraffes. These tall giants are always on the list of ‘must-see’ safari-goers and are among the most photographed wildlife in Africa.

The unique build and structure of the giraffe is something that most people find very interesting because there is no other animal on earth that can truly compare with the giraffe. While everyone was entertaining with the beautiful creatures around us, the photographer suddenly noticed an adult woman in the distance.

She was standing some distance away from the herd, and she didn’t look very comfortable standing. The photographer decided to slowly drive a little closer. The female giraffe was standing with her feet much further apart than they normally would.

“When we got to the backside of the female giraffe, we were completely stunned by what we saw. The female was busy giving birth right there, and the newborn calf was halfway out, with its neck and front legs sticking out.” said the photographer.

“We couldn’t believe we were actually watching the tallest land mammal on earth give birth right in front of us in the wild. We can only imagine what a mother giraffe has to go through giving birth to such a large calf.”

The mother giraffe stood firmly while she continued to push, standing with a wider stance. Everyone was holding their breath when suddenly the whole calf fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the calf itself was tall at birth, so the tumble wasn’t as far off as some people think. This magical moment was met with a sigh of relief from everyone on the safari.

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