Woman Faces Consequences After Provoking Elephant with Fruit

In a shocking incident in India, a woman was attacked by an elephant after taunting it with a banana.

The woman boldly dangled the fruit near the elephant’s mouth, teasing it by pulling it away at the last moment. However, the intelligent creature saw through her actions and swiftly retaliated.

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Captured in a video shared on social media by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service Officer known for sharing captivating wildlife content online, the footage shows the woman smiling at the elephant while playing this dangerous game.

But the elephant, seemingly enraged by her behavior, reacted with its trunk and tusks, forcefully propelling her backward through the air. The person filming the incident dropped the camera in terror.

Image 22
A video has appeared online showing a woman in an unidentified Indian forest teasing an elephant with a banana through some plants before the elephant attacks her.

The incident serves as a reminder that even tamed elephants cannot be fooled. Known for their high level of intelligence, elephants are one of the most remarkable animals kept in captivity.


The video drew significant attention from social media users, many expressing concern for the woman’s well-being.

Commenting on the video, one user expressed hope for her survival, while another speculated that she may have sustained multiple fractures.

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The young woman smiles dreamily at the pachyderm as she dangles the fruit in front of her, but he sees through the ruse, swinging his trunk and tusks in a horrifying act of aggression, hurtling her backward through the air.

A third user emphasized respecting wildlife, recognizing their magnificence and majestic nature, and avoiding arrogant behavior towards them.


This incident serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the need to respect and appreciate wildlife’s innate qualities.

As humans, it is crucial to understand and acknowledge the boundaries between ourselves and these extraordinary creatures who share our planet.

Watch the video below:


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