Woman Receives Heartfelt Hugs from Orphaned Elephants She Saved

The African elephant population has experienced a significant decline in recent years, mainly due to rampant poaching for their tusks.

This cruel practice leaves numerous young elephants orphaned and helpless. Thankfully, some orphans find refuge at the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya.

This sanctuary provides protection and comfort to baby elephants thanks to a devoted team of conservationists.


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Among them is Dame Daphne Sheldrick, who has dedicated her life to rescuing animals. Over the past four decades, she has given hundreds of animals a second chance at life.

Dame Daphne has raised and nurtured countless newborn elephants, helping them return to the wild with her team’s support.


She even developed a specialized milk formula that closely resembles a mother elephant’s milk, further aiding their rehabilitation.

Her work with orphaned elephants through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has not only been groundbreaking in the field of conservation but has also taught her valuable life lessons.

“The elephants have taught me how to put the bad things behind, turning the page and moving on with living,” she shared.


By learning to understand the trauma these elephants have faced and how they cope, Dame Daphne has grown stronger as a person. In gratitude for her unwavering kindness, the elephants she has rescued repay her with the sweetest hugs imaginable.

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