Woman’s Attempt to Deter Moose Family Turns into Playful Delight

In an endearing incident captured on video, a woman named Emily Stull from Washington State had an unexpected encounter with a moose family that had been helping themselves to apples near her house.

Concerned about their presence, Emily devised a plan to drive them away by turning on the sprinklers in her backyard.

Little did she know that her plan would take an unexpected turn, resulting in a delightful playtime for the moose family.


As the mama moose and her two adorable offspring reappeared in Emily’s yard, she activated the sprinklers, hoping they would retreat.

However, much to her surprise, the moose family seemed to relish the water instead of being deterred by it.

Rather than fleeing, they joyfully engaged in playful antics, turning Emily’s backyard into an impromptu water playground.


Although Emily’s initial intention of deterring the moose family didn’t quite go as planned, it resulted in heartwarming scenes that she couldn’t resist capturing.

The video showcases the moose family frolicking and enjoying the unexpected water adventure in Emily’s yard.

Whether the moose family will continue visiting Emily’s yard for the apples remains uncertain. Still, one thing is for sure: this captivating incident allowed Emily to capture some truly enchanting moments.


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