Yatta: The Remarkable Elephant Who Started a Dynasty

Yatta’s Journey: A Tale of Resilience and Leadership


In the heart of Tsavo, there resides an extraordinary elephant named Yatta. Her story is a testament to the profound impact that saving a single life can have. Allow us to share the inspiring journey of this exceptional elephant.

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Yatta: Orphan, Mother, and Matriarch


Yatta is no ordinary elephant; she embodies the roles of orphan, mother, and grandmother, all rolled into one majestic creature.

As a founding member of our Orphans’ Project, Yatta has played a pivotal role in carrying forward the legacy of this vital initiative.

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Thanks to her unwavering dedication, the future generations of elephants will continue to reap the benefits of our conservation efforts.


A Name Rooted in Nature

Yatta’s name pays homage to the iconic Yatta Plateau, a natural wonder spanning nearly 300 kilometers and a lifeline for Tsavo’s wildlife.

The plateau’s natural springs nourish countless creatures and serve as a critical watershed for Tsavo East. Yatta, like the plateau, symbolizes the resilience and beauty of nature.

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A Tragic Beginning

Yatta’s journey began in 1999 when a group of workers in the Tsavo Triangle stumbled upon a heart-wrenching scene.

They discovered a lifeless mother elephant, brutally killed by poachers for her ivory, leaving behind a helpless calf. This orphaned calf was none other than Yatta.

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Guardian Angels

Yatta’s fate took a positive turn due to the kindness of these workers. They became her guardian angels, accompanying her on her tiny steps to safety.

They carefully transported her across treacherous terrain to the nearest airstrip, ensuring her rescue.

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Healing and Growth

Yatta arrived at the Nairobi Nursery deeply traumatized, like many orphaned elephants who have experienced unimaginable tragedies.

However, the compassionate keepers worked tirelessly to help her heal and see the goodness in people.


Over time, the memory of her mother’s tragic death faded, and Yatta became an integral part of their family.

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Leading with Kindness

Yatta’s time in the Nairobi Nursery revealed her natural inclination to care for younger orphans. She emerged as a beloved mini-matriarch, drawing others with her competence and kindness.

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Expanding Horizons

Yatta successfully graduated from the Nairobi Nursery and thrived after her transfer to Voi.

Her journey mirrored the growth of our Orphans’ Project, which had evolved from a more straightforward process to establishing five orphan units.

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Selecting the Right Matriarch

The success of the new Reintegration Unit in Ithumba depended on selecting the proper matriarch and her herd.

With her strong leadership qualities, Yatta was an obvious choice to lead the way.

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Establishing the Ithumba Herd

Yatta, along with Kinna, Nasalot, and Mulika, formed the foundation of the Ithumba herd. Yatta’s exceptional leadership guided the newly graduated elephants, marking a new chapter for them and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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A Mother’s Love


In 2012, Yatta became a loving mother to Yetu. Her exceptional kindness and protective instincts shone as she cared for her own and the entire herd.

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A Leader in the Wild

Yatta’s desire for a free life led her to explore the wilderness, spending days and nights away from our facilities.


She guided numerous orphaned elephants, forming Ithumba’s initial herd of ex-orphans.

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Expanding the Family

In 2017, Yatta welcomed another calf, Yoyo, into the world. Her motherly wisdom and guidance continued to benefit her extended herd.

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Yatta’s Legacy

Yatta’s calm and compassionate leadership became even more evident during challenging times like droughts, floods, and poaching crises. Her ability to lead with wisdom and care set her apart.

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A Remarkable Reunion


Last November, a heartwarming surprise occurred when Yatta’s eldest child, Yetu, returned to the Ithumba family with her son, Yebo. This unexpected reunion filled our hearts with joy.

Three Generations United

The story revolves around three generations of elephants: Yetu, Yebo, and Yogi, all connected to Yatta. This lineage, born from a single act of rescue, continues to thrive.

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Yatta’s Legacy Lives On

From near tragedy to becoming a matriarch and great-grandmother, Yatta’s remarkable journey is an enduring symbol of hope and conservation. Her legacy will continue to grow and establish itself as a dynasty in the wild.

Incredible Beginnings


It’s awe-inspiring to think that it all started with a small elephant’s cry for help at the base of the Yatta Plateau. Yatta’s story reminds us of the extraordinary impact one life can have on the conservation world.

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