Yellowstone’s Wild Bison: A Dangerous Photo Op for Tourists

Yellowstone National Park is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, with bison being one of its main attractions. However, a disturbing trend of tourists getting too close to these majestic creatures for the perfect photo has been causing concern.

Bison have proven to be more dangerous to visitors than any other animal in the park, resulting in injuries due to people disregarding safety guidelines.

It’s essential to remember that bison are wild animals and do not appreciate their personal space being invaded. Feeling threatened, they can react aggressively, charging, goring, or chasing intruders.


The park authorities have established a rule that mandates visitors to observe these magnificent creatures from a safe distance of at least 25 yards. Yet, numerous individuals break this rule every season, putting themselves and the animals at risk.

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One passionate Yellowstone visitor started an Instagram page called “TouronsOfYellowstone” (combining “Tourist” and “Moron”) to share photos of these “tourons” who break the rules, endangering both themselves and the wildlife. The accounts are a stark reminder of the dangers of approaching bison too closely.

Already this year, several close encounters with bison have been reported. In one instance, a woman attempted to reach out her hand to pet an adult bison, an act that could have had disastrous consequences. Fortunately, she escaped with a good scare, but the incident is a powerful warning.


Another incident involved a man who got dangerously close to a young bison for a photo, ignoring the animal’s distress signals.

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TouronsOfYellowstone shared the footage, emphasizing that the outcome could have been far more severe if the bison had been an older bule.

The man’s actions could have resulted in severe injuries or worse. The Instagram account even reported the incident to park authorities.


It is crucial for visitors to Yellowstone and any other wildlife reserve to treat the animals with respect and adhere to the safety guidelines set by park officials.

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The desire for a perfect photo should never outweigh the need for personal safety and the well-being of these remarkable creatures.

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