Young Elephant Playfully Climbs on Friend’s Back for a Jumbo-Sized Piggyback Ride in Sri Lanka

A heartwarming moment was captured in Sri Lanka as a young elephant climbed on top of its larger friend for a playful piggyback ride.


The adorable pictures were taken at Kalawewa National Park, located in the central region of the country.

The playful calf was spotted climbing onto the back of its larger friend while flashing what appeared to be a cheeky smile.


The scene was captured by photographer Pathum Bandara, who was observing a herd of over 200 elephants at the time.

According to Mr. Bandara, baby elephants are known to be very playful, and it was a joy to witness these two messing around.

Image 22
The incredible shot shows the baby elephant jumping onto the back of his buddy for what the photographer called a ‘free ride.’ Source: Daily Mail

The little elephant appeared to be trying to steal a free ride as he rested on his friend’s back. The mischievous look in the calf’s eye was not lost on the photographer, who captured the scene as the young elephant looked in his direction.


The images show the young elephant perched on the back of the larger elephant with ease, and the pair seemed to be enjoying their playful moment.

Mr. Bandara, who was delighted to capture the moment, expressed his gratitude, stating that getting a shot as clean as this, looking straight at the two elephants, was an honor for him.

This heartwarming moment is a reminder of the playful nature of elephants and their strong bonds with each other, making it an adorable sight to behold for animal lovers worldwide.

Image 23
The playful baby bull leaned on his stronger, weary-looking friend for as long as he could before finally being pushed off. Source: Daily Mail
Image 24
Other elephants around the herd didn’t appear to mind. The Sri Lanka national park is populated by hundreds of elephants. Source: Daily Mail
Image 25
The beautiful giant mammal even leans his trunk onto the exhausted-looking friend. The trunk goes way down his body. Source: Daily Mail
Image 26
As the baby bull hoists himself onto the unlucky friend, it appears they don’t know what to do. Source: Daily Mail