Young Elephant’s Unexpected Visit to Indian Farmyard Startles Child and Dogs

A young elephant in southern India recently startled a child and two dogs when it unexpectedly wandered into their farmyard.

Five-year-old Hemant was playing with his dogs, Jimmy and Roshy, in Kodagu, Karnataka, when the animals began barking at a nearby hedge. Upon investigating, Hemant discovered the confused elephant entering the garden.

While Hemant and Jimmy retreated to safety, Roshy courageously confronted the enormous visitor, reminiscent of the clumsy elephant patrol led by Colonel Hathi in The Jungle Book.

However, the young elephant was unfazed by the dog’s challenge and briefly charged at Roshy before deciding to leave the yard.

This is the hilarious moment the baby elephant was seen bursting through a hedge to startle two dogs and a child. Source: Caters News

The elephant wandered through the village for approximately two hours before returning to its natural habitat, thankfully not causing any harm to the residents.

The event, which took place just a mile from a nearby forest home to elephants, was captured on a surveillance camera installed on the family’s porch.

Hemant’s father, Shyam, was informed of the peculiar encounter by his son. The village, surrounded by coffee plantations, frequently experiences wild elephant visits, with the animals known to feast on the crops. It is believed that the area is home to around a hundred elephants.

The elephant refuses to leave after one of the dogs tries to scare it out of its owner’s farmyard. Source: Caters News
After the elephant makes it clear a barking dog won’t deter it, it finally turns to leave the yard. Source: Caters News
After it was filmed leaving the farmyard, the elephant took a two-hour stroll around the village before returning to the jungle habitat. Source: Caters News

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