Zoo closed for snow, but camera caught baby elephant completely lost it with joy

Snow can cause a lot of problems. Bad weather often comes with unwelcome news from schools and roads closed to people being isolated in their homes and flights being delayed.

However, it is important to focus on the fun parts of winter. And no one knows how to make better use of a snowy day than the adorable animals in the video below.

Despite the closure due to weather conditions, the animals of the Oregon Zoo in Portland had a great time playing in the huge snowdrift, as you can see in the clip released by zoo officials.

Now, you might expect some of these animals to like snow, such as polar bears or penguins, but you might be surprised to find that even elephants love to play in the snow. The sight will most likely remind you of the snowy days when you were a kid, and the schools were closed.

I bet you didn’t care about closing roads and delaying flights. All you care about is hanging out with friends and playing in the snow. This is one of the most amazing things you will see today! Watch the hilarious video below:

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