Baby Elephant Rescued by Herd in Touching Display of Teamwork

In a heartwarming display of teamwork, a group of elephants came together to save a baby elephant that had fallen into a muddy watering hole. The young elephant found itself trapped in the sludge, struggling to escape.

Witnessing this emotional scene, the baby’s mother tried desperately to rescue her calf but was unable to free it.

Then, a larger female elephant intervened, bending down on her knees and using her trunk to push the baby out of danger.


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The incredible moment was captured by photographer Richard Tustin and his wife Vanessa, who were visiting Nxai Pan Park in Botswana. They spent hours observing the elephants at the watering hole, hoping to witness something memorable.

Tustin described the mother’s anguish as she screamed in despair and showed signs of terror in her eyes. When the baby was finally saved, triumphant trumpeting filled the air, celebrating the successful rescue.


The couple managed to capture a series of images and video footage documenting the entire event. Tustin recounted how the larger female elephant pushed the mother aside, going down on her knees to push the baby out, and then trumpeted triumphantly as if to say, “I did it.”

This touching event highlights the intelligence and strong social structure of elephants. Tustin emphasizes the importance of observing and learning from nature, lamenting how human actions can negatively impact the lives of these incredible animals.

He urges people to recognize the intelligence of elephants and learn from their behavior, pointing out that if humans did not constantly intervene, the environment would be able to take care of itself. The unforgettable sighting serves as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the deep connections within the animal kingdom.


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