Astonishing Moment: Elephant Heroically Defends Calf from Lion Attack

In a heart-stopping encounter, an elephant bravely protected her newborn calf from a lion’s attempted assault. The dramatic event was captured on video as the lion eyed the mother and baby elephant before making its move.

The footage, taken just after sunset, shows the majestic scene from an open-air Maruti Jeep.

As the lion suddenly springs into action, attempting to attack the calf, the protective mother elephant named Nablus quickly responds.


Watch the video at the end.

Elephant Charges At Lion And Sends It Fleeing 3
An elephant named Nablus was walking with her newborn calf when a lion tried to attack her baby in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. Source: Daily Mail

Nablus, a 17-year-old elephant, charges at the approaching lion, successfully thwarting its attack and forcing it to flee. The courageous mother then guides her calf to safety.

Elephant Charges At Lion And Sends It Fleeing 1
Brazen: The jungle cat sprints towards the calf, which is less than 24 hours old. It is the first time a lion attempting to attack an elephant calf has been documented at the reserve in Kenya. Source: Daily Mail
Elephant Charges At Lion And Sends It Fleeing 2
Protective: The elephant charges at the lion, forcing it to retreat after an attempt to attack her baby. Source: Daily Mail

Matt Brierley, who filmed the incredible encounter, shared that this is the first documented case of lions stalking and attacking elephant calves in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve.


He added that the elephants in the reserve are closely monitored, and Nablus is part of the “Biblical Towns” elephant family.

According to Brierley, this newborn calf is Nablus’ first, and she is set to turn 18 years old in April.

Watch the video below:


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