Baby Elephant’s Daring Charge at Tourists Ends with a Quick Retreat to Mom

A delightful scene unfolded when a baby elephant attempted to confront a bus full of tourists with a fierce charge, only to quickly change its mind and rush back to its mother.

The 12-month-old calf was captured on film sprinting toward the tourists visiting Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. The young elephant even tried to leap onto its hind legs, mimicking its most intimidating moves.

However, the rest of the herd remained nonchalant, continuing to graze as if nothing was happening. Upon realizing it was alone in its endeavor, the calf abandoned its bold attempt and hurriedly returned to its mother.


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Getting ready: The calf stands by the herd as the tourists film from a nearby bus. Source: Daily Mail

Amy Alderman, a representative from The Bushcamp Company, which operates the photographic safaris, commented on the unusual nature of the calf’s behavior: “It’s pretty unusual to see a young calf behaving like this.

Feeling brave: The baby elephant then takes a run-up to the bemused tourists. Source: Daily Mail
It rears up onto its hind legs as it attempts to scare the holidaymakers. Source: Daily Mail

The babies usually stick pretty close to their mum’s tummy until they’re about a year old, and this little guy seems to be bold enough to be making his first moves in the world.”


Alderman added that the calf’s attempted jump was impressive for an elephant and suggested that the boisterous youngster was testing its limits. “But when the rest of the herd completely ignore the busload of tourists and his attempt at scaring them off, he obviously still needs his mum – because it’s not long before he runs back to her!”

And … run away! The baby elephant thinks better of its brave move and scampers back to the herd. Source: Daily Mail

Alderman expressed her fondness for observing elephants, especially when herds have young calves like this one: “It’s absolutely adorable to watch them trying to find their feet and learning how to use their trunks.”

Watch the video below:


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