Video Excited Elephants Runs To Say Hello To Newly Rescued Baby Elephant

The elephant is the best! There is no way around it. When scientists found a way to have little elephants at home, they ran their dogs to make money! Imagine having a tiny elephant as a pet. Now that’s great.

Most of us will never get a chance to be friends with an elephant. Thanks to the internet! Even though I don’t know the details, the elephant video should be the top 5 most hunted phrases.

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While all the animals are great and fun to watch, there’s one thing special about the incredible creatures humans love. It would be empathy and intelligence if it could be put into words.

We found both of these traits in dogs in high numbers. Have you ever let your dog feel that something is incorrect and run to hug you?

That is empathy! The elephants have some similarities because they are organized as a family in the wild. If a family is without empathy, it is a recipe for disaster!


ENP has lots of videos about elephants doing their best. They are a Thailand-based organization that specializes in the rescue and recovery of struggling elephants.

Even more so, their caregivers stick with the elephants, those they recovered in the best ways.

The ENP has just rescued a baby elephant called Dok Geaw. At the moment of filming, he was only one year and nine months, so he was relatively young. Unhappily, Dok Geaw is orphaned and cannot defend himself in the wild.


Landing at the park, boy Dok is finally ready to meet his new family! Called by his trunk, the “hello” version of his own resounded throughout the park. Dok’s new family responded quickly!

During a controlled trampling, the group of elephants present at the ENP came to surround the small calf area. When they finally arrived, they looked so excited to see him!

Humans shake hands while elephants shake trunks! When they saw their new friend in the surround, they instantly reached out to comfort their trunks.


That must make Dok Geaw feel special! When the tutorials are over, he’s finally able to let Dok Geaw spend his time with the new family.

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