A Heart-warming Video shows an elephant being given a new life with a prosthetic

A three-legged elephant was given a new life when fitted with a new prosthetic in Thailand.

Mosha, a nine-year-old female elephant, lost her leg when stepping on a mine.

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Mae Yao National Reserve in Lampang, which claims to have built the world’s first elephant hospital, has attached five prosthetic limbs to Mosha since her arrival.

Mosha, the nine-year-old female elephant, lost her leg when she stepped on a landmine.

Taken to the hospital at 7 months, Mosha became the first elephant in the world to have a prosthesis fitted.

Since then, her continued growth has led to the staff building stronger and stronger legs to help support the animal’s weight.


In the video, the three-legged elephant was initially shown struggling to walk around the barn before it leaned against its stump on a wooden rail.

The video shows the elephant struggling to walk around the enclosure before resting its stump on a wooden rail.
Approaching the elephant, staff at the Mae Yao National Reserve attach the brand new bespoke leg to Mosha.

The staff approaches it with a prosthetic leg and, after pulling a sock, attaches it to the elephant’s base.

Further into the enclosure, Mosha, who seems pleased with her leg, can be seen shoveling sand in the trunk and throwing it on her body as if celebrating.

Mosha looks visibly pleased with her new prosthetic leg and begins throwing sand over herself as if in celebration.

Soraida Salwala opened the Elephant Hospital in Mae Yao National Reserve in 1993.

Since then, it has treated more than 3,900 sick and wounded elephants with various medical conditions, including fractures, bullet wounds, eye infections, and drug addiction.

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