Video Six Days of Rescue – FENYA’s Journey: An Elephant Calf Snare Victim

Our caregivers have given a name to the new calf we cared for! And we are sharing a super long update on her progress over the past six days!

The strong baby elephant has come a long way in such a short time. Every day is a journey of love, patience, and challenge. Your baby eats moderately drinks plenty of water, and now he is officially drinking bottled milk!!

Watch the video at the end.


We decided to make this long video (yes, an hour, so pour yourself a cup of tea !!) filled with the highlights of the past six days with our followers who have been dyed to get as much information as possible. This way, you can feel a part of our journey so far, as we’ve immersed ourselves in caring for her every move.

You’ll see how she allows Adine and the final caregivers to start touching her. Adine can now (slowly) hug her, and how she even allows her to leave her wound, first when lying down and immediately after standing up.

We have a long journey with the wounds, but they look clean. Dr. Rogers will soon return to the veterinarian hoping to stitch them up if he is satisfied that they are clean enough not to risk infection.


Many people have asked when she will meet the swarm. That will only happen if she is completely healed. Her wound was still very deep and serious. For that reason, we are also keeping her in her nurseries and gaining her trust, as she is a giant elephant and can accidentally injure someone due to her size.


You will see through her journey that she lacks an extremely powerful SURVEY, which our caregivers chose to call her in a local language. South Africa is Sotho. They named her FENYA

Watch the full video below for more details:


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