Watch This Adorable Baby Elephant Cuddle a Muddy Tourist for a Heartwarming Experience

A heartwarming video captures the beautiful moment a baby elephant cozies up to a tourist at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. The tourist is seen sitting on the muddy ground, quickly joined by a playful elephant calf eager to get closer to her.

Onlookers can’t help but chuckle with delight as the baby elephant makes itself comfortable on the woman’s lap. A man remarks that she appears to be enjoying the unique experience.

The restless elephant struggles to sit still, shifting around and momentarily settling on the woman’s lower legs, which is not the most comfortable position.


Watch the video at the end.

The elephant begins its march towards the tourist sitting down on the muddy ground. Source: Daily Mail
And to her delight, and the others watching on, the baby elephant leans in for a cuddle. Source: Daily Mail
The heartwarming footage was captured at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Source: Daily Mail

However, the charming calf soon readjusts and returns to the woman’s thighs, where she affectionately pets and strokes the young animal. When the elephant rolls back onto her shins, causing her to exclaim in discomfort, a nearby observer steps in to lend a helping hand.

Unwilling to give up, the baby elephant rolls forward for another snuggle and pat down. A second tourist takes the opportunity to pat the lovable calf as well.

There were a few hairy moments as the elephant shifted its weight onto the woman’s lower legs. Source: Daily Mail
But the animal picked itself up and was happy to move in for another cuddle. Source: Daily Mail
The incident provided those watching on with the perfect and adorable photo opportunity. Source: Daily Mail

Andrew Way shared the video on YouTube; he recounted his unforgettable experience: “On my last trip to Thailand, I visited an elephant sanctuary, and this two-month-old baby elephant just made my day. He was so loving and playful, and hey, how often do you get to have an elephant sitting in your lap?”

Watch the video below:

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